Learning From Prisca Lim (2)

In the 8th. episode of the Profits From Mistakes™ show, Ms. Prisca Lim is back to share more about her mistakes and her advice with us.

Ms. Prisca Lim shares more samples of the 3 mistakes (hard selling, working alone without leveraging teamwork, lack of knowledge) that she did in her business. She also shares more experience in regards to her 3 advice (perseverance, integrity, positive mindset).

At the end, Ms. Prisca Lim talks about her business and her products on negative ions fiber clothing.

Let’s learn more from Ps. Prisca Lim!

Learning From Kenneth Tan (1)

Mr. Kenneth Tan C.L., a Water Specialist from Singapore, also a researcher from a Japanese Water Research Group that specializes in Water Engineering and Water Chemistry, shared with us his mistakes in business life so that we can avoid them.

He also shared some tips for fellow entrepreneurs, based on his business experience.

Let’s learn from Mr. Kenneth Tan!

Learning From Joanna Liew (2)

Ms. Joanna Liew from Singapore is back in this episode.

This time she gave us examples of the 3 business tips that she shared in previous episode. And she also elaborated the 2 mistakes that she did when she started her business and how she learned from the mistakes then do differently today.

In this episode, Ms. Joanna Liew talked about her data analytics business, how data analytics can help to resolve business problems of the clients. She shared how she competes with other big and small players.

Let’s learn more from Ms. Joanna Liew!

Learning From Joanna Liew (1)

Ms. Joanna Liew is Singapore Citizen and an Entrepreneur.

After years in various roles in the government and education sector, Joanna pursued her Masters where she was trained to use Systematic Review software. Joanna developed a keen interest in business analytics and machine learning, and pursued further studies in Data Science and Business Analytics.

She then founded a data analytics start-up, Perceptive Consulting, focusing on proving Analysis-as-a-Service for business owners and organisations.

Let’s learn from Joanna!

Learning From Vincent Ho (1)

Mr. Vincent Ho is Singapore Citizen. He is a naturopathic physician and an entrepreneur.

Vincent Ho found BRT Oasis of Hope, a Centre in Singapore that provides a comprehensive range of non-invasive and holistic healthcare services using state of the art technologies and techniques.

In this episode Vincent Ho shared his personal experience that made him started the business. He also shared the mistakes that he did when he was building the business; at same time he also gave tips in business and personal life that we can learn from him.

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