Can Negative Ions Fibre Improve Health?

August 2021, Singapore

This is the 4th. webinar of the PFM™ Webinar Series.

CASEA Logger™ Ms. Prisca Lim from Singapore shares about our body natural healing capability, what Negative Ions are, and how they can improve our health.

Do you know the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clock of Gallbladder, Liver, Lungs, and Large Intestines?

What is our body’s first defence from preventing viruses entering our body?

Do you know that Asian medical report shows that we need 100,000 to 500,000 ions for natural healing power?

Let’s learn from Ms. Prisca Lim!

Changing The Way We Look At The Water Industry

August 2021, Singapore

This is the 3rd. webinar of the PFM™ Webinar Series.

CASEA Logger™ Mr. Kenneth Tan from Singapore introduces an industry that many people may not be familiar with, the Water Industry.

Mr. Kenneth Tan talks about Water Chemistry and Water Formulation business that he has been running for years. He gives samples of Water products and services in different industries like Food and Beverages, Health, Beauty, etc.

As Water Industry will be even more important in near, medium, and long term, Mr. Tan also drops a hint that he and CASEA-BC™ are going to launch “Water Institute” and “Water Franchise” business soon.

Let’s learn from Mr. Kenneth Tan!

Bioresonance Therapy BRT Oasis of Hope

July 2021, Singapore

Many of the illnesses we suffer arise not from a single germ or stressor, but from a combination of factors including chemical toxins, stress hormones, internally-produced toxins, microorganisms.

In this second Webinar of PFM™ Webinar Series, Mr. Vincent Ho shared with us how Bioresonance Therapy treats chronic diseases.

Let’s learn from Mr. Vincent Ho!

Data as your Anchor and Compass

July 2021, Singapore

In this first webinar of the PFM™ Webinar Series, our CASEA Logger™, Ms. Joanna Liew from Singapore answered a very important question from many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): “How do I steer my ship in uncertain time?”

Joanna shared with us how SMEs can use data as anchor and compass to steer our business ships. And during this pandemic time, using data, how we can change our business strategy to survive and thrive.

Let’s learn from Ms. Joanna Liew!

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